Rami Cosmetics

Rami logoFor almost three decades, Rami Cosmetics is a well-known name in the house of Bengal. Dr. M. Sarkar’s successful invention of Remy Spot cleaner cream. The seed that germinated in 1988 by the personality of the multi-faceted talent has become a mahiruha. In different stages of production, from the collection of raw materials to research, production, quality control and marketing, all the expertise and integrity of the RM brand has taken a unique height. Especially in the production division, an expert team comprising experienced chemists and pharmacists, who are managing the quality of the products in an uninterrupted manner. We have the R & D Department. In Dhaka University and Jadavpur University (India) technical cooperation, we are constantly engaged in more and more productive and quality products.

Are there. The organization’s success lies in the marketing of products right in the market. There is more than 200 members in our sales department, who have a regular training, training, etc. In order to achieve sales growth, there are arrangements for regular remedies, rummy cleaner cleaners, which are equipped with Rickshmmatics, a skilled sales force, in remote areas of Bangladesh, delivering Rami products, with more than 120 distributors. Besides Cream, Remy Black Rose Perfume, Miss Purple Passion k perfumes, Rémy Tyalakama powder to achieve customer satisfaction has today. Winter is more than one product … (rami cyapastika, Rémy glycerin, Rémy pameda, the respective class.

Untouchable Basically, the production of innovative product products in the field of rigorous quality control, Ricky Cosmergies’ motivation of strict quality control. Rumi Cosmertics’s Associate Institute, the capital Homeo Laboratory, Sharajan Yunami Libr. The laboratory started its journey in 2006. In a short time by producing quality medicines

The doctor has been praised by our generic medicine. Process us in the future
There are plans for food production.