IT Firm Interior Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Corporate Office Interior Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Corporate office interior design alludes to designing offices, workrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and other spaces inside corporations. Corporate office interior design concepts are ever-evolving.

Corporate interior design includes the planning, prudence, implementation, and completion of all these tasks.

The corporate office interior should be clean, smooth, suitable for captivating work. The main design inspiration of any office these days are the people who will be working there.

When designing a corporate office interior, we have to notice the wall design, good lighting, open floor plan, conference room, decorating accessories, natural element, furniture, book corner, etc.

Interior designers should focus on creating spaces that are efficient, functional, and safe for employees. The interior of a corporate office should enhance the enjoyment of work.

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Wall Design

Wall Design

Interior design consciously and subconsciously influences employee’s moods and energy daily. Wall colours are an essential part of interior design.

When designing a wall, the designer should keep in mind the office environment, colour, identity, history, and culture.

The designer should create a relaxing atmosphere, unique design, and significant impression. The designer can hang a group picture of employees, company symbols, etc.

Good lighting

Good Lighting

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of the working environment. Workplace lighting design must also meet any legal requirements, including those that relate to eye safety regulations.

The lighting used must also fit in with the overall style of the rest of the furnishing. Where people are spending long periods at the workplace lighting needs to be bright enough to see clearly and comfortably.

Open floor plan

Open Floor Plan

Floor plans are useful to help design furniture layout, wiring systems, and much more. An interior designer will measure the overall area and then divide it depending on the requirement of the desk, cabinet, furniture, shelf, etc.

A good floor plan will help to make sure that it fits all employees and the spaces they need, such as meeting rooms, book corners, coffee corners, etc. open plan office layout increases collaboration and creativity.

A fantastic benefit of an open-plan office is the expedition and flexibility. Open floor plan office can improve the happiness of employees as they feel morally relaxed in their surroundings. A good floor plan can increase the enjoyment of work.

Conference room

Conference Room

A conference room creates a quiet, gallant, focused environment for work. Conference rooms are generally large and offer plenty of space for meetings. The meeting can be held in a spacious room that lets everyone be comfortable and focused.

Conference rooms should include WIFI, which allows the use of other devices and other office equipment for meetings. A dedicated internet connection will be secure and safe for emails and other confidential communications, sharing sensitive documents, and more.

Decorating Accessories

Beautiful decoration helps employees to express creativity, talent, thinking, and coordination of work. The office décor of a company should speak of the company itself.

We can use stylish furniture, mirrors, wall hanging, company logo, wall art, rags, and painting for office interior design. Well-designed offices can increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and overall attitude.

Decorating accessories
Natural element

Natural Element

The natural environment helps to alleviate the fatigue and exhaustion of the employees. Office interior design is incomplete without the presence of plants. Plants are generally refreshing the air and reflect a soft look.

Plants have been shown to increase productivity and make a workplace more appealing, thus attracting more employees. Plants are another crucial office decor idea because of their decorative and natural feel in a workspace.

It provides employees with fresh air and puts out a tranquil work environment.


Furniture is one of the important components of a workspace. It goes through everyday use and so it must be reliable. Furniture that caters to everyday life makes working easier. Furniture should be flexible, fashionable, functional, and comfortable for work. The use of psychology and colour design together is very important for the workplace. Designers should use elegant colours for furniture because colour has been shown to have certain effects on people.


Why Customer Go with Us

Interior Concepts & Design Limited believe in and practice creativity and innovativeness through their field activities because our designers have the expertise to do so. From using the right colour of walls to the right furniture for office space, we try to give back our creative ideas as much as possible along with the client’s suggestion.
We implement our utmost care about your office culture and that is the best representation of your company. Before starting the project, We research thoroughly about your company and undertake to reflect a positive image through our creative corporate office interior designs.
Using 3D printing, point clouds, virtual reality and augmented reality we build the structure with quality appliances & best fit-outs to make your project long-lasting.
We know the importance of your space and how to utilize your space in the best possible way to get the finest touch in your office. From project inspection to concept development to the implementation of the project and then the client feedback, we’ll deal with everything & provide you sustainable & timeless solutions.
When we think of interior design and decoration whether it is office space or home space interior, budget plays a vital role to decide because of its expensive cost. And consequently, we provide our service at an affordable cost while maintaining the best quality because we never compromise with it.
Our customer service team is very attentive and well-focused and we're always glad to clarify details about our interior activities. We feel happy when you inform us and get access to the awesome & fast service of our professionals.

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