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Not long ago, lawyers used to work in isolated offices but things have changed and a new generation of attorneys has started to look for more comfortable and professional office settings.

Nowadays lawyers are looking for the latest technology and design for their office. Professional lawyers are redesigning their old offices to function as multipurpose rooms which offer technological capabilities.

What is our Focus?

Not only will you be spending a lot of time in your law office, but also your clients. It’s important to make your law office both professional and welcoming. You can also focus on aesthetic decorations. When it comes to designing your law office, the interior designer will give you two themes to choose either a traditional or modern theme.

But the main focus is to create a look that is professional and lucrative. Designers are not just designers anymore, we are management consultants also. Law offices are the first thing that clients see when they come to meet with lawyers, so your law office must look professional in an attractive way.

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Consider a Modern Approach

We take the law office one step further than a traditional design. Modern themed law offices are common in Dhaka. We use eye-catching and different design elements to attract your clients. Some modern design ideas and technology to consider incorporating into your law office are given below-

Why We are Top Interior Service Provider

Efficient Layout

Efficient Layout

Due to the current economic situation, clients are paying less and slowly so it is difficult to pay the huge leasing and utility bills they used to cover in the past.

This situation makes them think to minimize the costs by reducing office space. Now, we propose efficient law office design trends which will be the same as you used before.

Those offices will be focused on space maximization and office furniture toward utility instead of comfort.

Inexpensive Modern Furniture

Inexpensive Modern Furniture

Law office furniture has always been made from expensive materials. But nowadays, major furniture manufacturers are currently designing out simple, durable, and affordable office furniture that can match almost any budget.

The recent office furniture can be easily disassembled and reconfigured any time you need. Recent office settings are designed with adjustable furniture pieces and lighting that doesn't create a disturbance on computer screens.

Workspace Standardss

Workspace Standards

The traditional office layout is one of the workplace standards that most lawyers prefer. We design the traditional law offices.

We have come up with outstanding solutions characterized by expansive lines, innovative use of natural light, and unique wallpaper and outlook made of stone & wood.

Conference Room

Conference Rooms

The conference room is an important place where you can call a meeting or brief your co-workers professionally.

Conference rooms, case rooms, or collaborative team meeting areas are the main focus of a lawyer's office, so you can use glass walls that make the energy in the room visible.

We assure you the latest technology is included in your conference room such as projectors, screens, scanners, fax machines, and paper shredders.

Hospitality and Reception

Hospitality and Reception

The reception area is the single most important office part of a law firm’s branding the identity of the lawyer. The current trend is to include tech demonstrations that show how law firms are helping to make the world a better place.

Hospitality in a law firm can be much more than providing just a cup of tea. You have to make sure that clients are getting proper comfort in your waiting room. A professional first meeting makes an impression about you to clients.

So, the waiting room must have facilities such as proper lighting, comfortable seating, Fan/A.C., attractive walls, newspapers, and minimum hospitality. We suggest you design the reception room professionally and make sure of the hospitality to the client.

Less Prominent Library

Less Prominent Library

These days, technology gives lawyers access to different virtual libraries that successfully replace the traditional law library.

This means that lawyers can shrink their offices by reducing thousands of books.There is a new tradition ongoing and that is the resource center room which will help you to work quickly.

Transparent Glass
Transparent Glass

If your office is in a high building, use glass in the background to make your room look bigger. It will also provide daylight and views.

Try a Traditional Theme
Try a Traditional Theme

Traditional themes in a law office are a great way to attract clients professionally. Traditional themed law offices will make clients feel confident and also aware that they are in a highly professional place.

Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

The design of offices with features such as sit-stand desks and layouts promoting the movement to different locations can contribute significantly to this goal.

You can choose comfortable chairs and multi-use tables for your office which will help you and co-workers to maintain good health.

Modern-Day Solution

We come with some regular elements that you need as modern-day solutions

  • Colorful art on the walls,
  • Light color furniture such as a cream color sofa or leather office chair,
  • Geometrically shaped lighting,
  • Floor to ceiling bookshelves,
  • Furniture such as a mahogany desk, or oak wood bookshelves,
  • Lite colored walls such as a medium-dark brown or light gray,
  • A round table for you and your clients to sit at dark leather seats and sofas.

Of course, these design elements will be current-looking; meaning your law office won’t look backdated. If you are thinking about the modern-day design for your law firm you can take ideas from our experts just call +8801618900555 or visit our website just click here- Interior Concepts & Design Limited.

Why Customer Go with Us

Interior Concepts & Design Limited believe in and practice creativity and innovativeness through their field activities because our designers have the expertise to do so. From using the right colour of walls to the right furniture for office space, we try to give back our creative ideas as much as possible along with the client’s suggestion.

We implement our utmost care about your office culture and that is the best representation of your company. Before starting the project, We research thoroughly about your company and undertake to reflect a positive image through our creative corporate office interior designs.

Using 3D printing, point clouds, virtual reality and augmented reality we build the structure with quality appliances & best fit-outs to make your project long-lasting.
We know the importance of your space and how to utilize your space in the best possible way to get the finest touch in your office. From project inspection to concept development to the implementation of the project and then the client feedback, we’ll deal with everything & provide you sustainable & timeless solutions.
When we think of interior design and decoration whether it is office space or home space interior, budget plays a vital role to decide because of its expensive cost. And consequently, we provide our service at an affordable cost while maintaining the best quality because we never compromise with it.
Our customer service team is very attentive and well-focused and we're always glad to clarify details about our interior activities. We feel happy when you inform us and get access to the awesome & fast service of our professionals.

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