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Bank Interior Design Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Instance Interior has been providing implementation of maintenance services to the banking sector for many years, having been associated with market leaders’ interior designers.

We are the Best Banking Interior Designer in Dhaka, and we successfully and appropriately complete some of the most critical, time-bound, and prestigious projects.

Assessments by our experts for preliminary inspections are part of our banking interior service or banking architecture to the banking sector.

  • Layout in accordance with the bank's specifications.
  • Cost estimates are provided in detail.
  • Tender drawings include a Bill of Quantities estimate.
  • An assessment of a banking interior project is made.
  • Work supervision, followed by bill verification and completion.

Our goal has always been to provide the greatest design solutions for our customers by delivering current thoughts and goods within their budget. Our firm has attained the status of an interior design council.

The interior designers have a solid awareness of the cultural and geographical context. In the interior decorator's sector, we are one of the most well-known interior designers.

Looking for Bank Interior Design Services in Dhaka?

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Our Bank's Design is Unique

Our approach to bank design extends beyond what the space needs to perform and looks at how it may be used to its full potential. We do this for the convenience of the bank's customers and the role the bank may play in the community. We can alter the experience from one of necessity to one of relationship-based banking by building a bank with consumer comfort in mind.

Here are Some Examples of Bank Interior Design Services

Interior Design Aesthetics

Interior Design Aesthetics

As a result, the density of foot traffic can improve if consumers are attracted to the workplace by increasing the aesthetics and creating a welcoming environment.

Only through enhancing the layout and interior design of the various branches would this be possible. Customers' interest will undoubtedly increase as the level of discomfort diminishes. A lot is also dependent on the receptionist.

The Open Floor Plan

Outsiders will be drawn inside a branch if it has a pleasant appearance, with see-through glass panes revealing a lovely, clean interior with matching furniture.

Some floaters describing the various schemes and their benefits may be displayed on the walls. Customers will be able to see them from any part of the location thanks to the open layout.

The Open Floor Plan
Chairs that are Comfortable

Chairs that are Comfortable

There may be a little enclosure with some comfy chairs. This section may not be a room, but it must provide the impression of being a private space where clients may learn about new and relevant issues on a regular basis.

It offers sufficient privacy to both clients and authorities.

It's a Soothing Environment

The comfortable environment must entice customers of all ages to visit the bank. Customers must not become bored or believe that visiting a bank is a waste of time. To improve client inflow, the ideal ambiance is essential.

It's a Soothing Environment
E-Banking is a Smart Option

E-Banking is a Smart Option

E-banking has ushered in a new era in the financial services business. Customers are using their smartphones to carry out routine tasks.

As a result, bank visits are diminishing because coming to the bank is a waste of time unless and until the consumers seek a loan.

To Make Use of Eco-Friendly Resources

The latest trend is to use eco-friendly, cost-effective, and attractive materials. Even an ancient building can be renovated if a new branch needs to be opened! Materials that can be reused and antique things can be utilized.

To Make Use of Eco-Friendly Resources
A Workplace that Encourages Relationships

A Workplace that Encourages Relationships

The emerging tendency is for bankers to work together in a collaborative environment. When creating the blueprint, interior designers must take this in mind.

As a result, the majority of the space is left vacant for this function. Small Breakout Rooms can be created for bankers to discuss client issues in private.


As a result, we can observe that clients are treated as demigods by bankers. Their top objective is to please their customers. Banks are engaging interior designers and remodeling their facilities in order to attract more customers.

More individuals involved equals more investment, which equals more profit. To give the most suitable interior services to the banking sector, we have updated and polished the architecture designer system.

Reasons Customer Go with Us

Interior Concepts & Design Limited believe in and practice creativity and innovativeness through their field activities because our designers have the expertise to do so. From using the right colour of walls to the right furniture for office space, we try to give back our creative ideas as much as possible along with the client’s suggestion.

We implement our utmost care about your office culture and that is the best representation of your company. Before starting the project, We research thoroughly about your company and undertake to reflect a positive image through our creative corporate office interior designs.

Using 3D printing, point clouds, virtual reality and augmented reality we build the structure with quality appliances & best fit-outs to make your project long-lasting.
We know the importance of your space and how to utilize your space in the best possible way to get the finest touch in your office. From project inspection to concept development to the implementation of the project and then the client feedback, we’ll deal with everything & provide you sustainable & timeless solutions.
When we think of interior design and decoration whether it is office space or home space interior, budget plays a vital role to decide because of its expensive cost. And consequently, we provide our service at an affordable cost while maintaining the best quality because we never compromise with it.
Our customer service team is very attentive and well-focused and we're always glad to clarify details about our interior activities. We feel happy when you inform us and get access to the awesome & fast service of our professionals.

Why You Need Office Interior Design & Modernization

Employees feel honoured when they see a company treat them special and present a special workspace to do their job. Office design & renovation at present is vital to both employees and customers. Employees who spend most of their time in an office, dedicate themselves to achieving your company’s expectations. For them, it is crucial to create a functional environment, visually appealing, focused on corporate culture, comfortable and inviting, all of which promote productivity and efficiency.

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