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Call centres are ordinary platforms where the client and service provider are dealing with a common issue. Call centres help customers to report any problem.

The call centre also provides service and quickly responds to customer’s inquiries.

Interior Concept BD’s designers who specialize in designing commercial interiors usually work with clients to create professional yet tasteful environments.

Good call centre design provides a comfortable working environment for the call centre agents, minimizes noise pollution in each agent’s working environment and workflow, and makes a reflection of office culture to the valuable customers.

The overall interior look of the call centre office can have a huge impact on employees. if you looking for an interior professional to renovate a call centre esthetically tasteful, we are offering top-quality interior service for our desired customers across Dhaka.

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How We Work for Decorating Call Centres in Dhaka

Workplace layout

Workplace Layout

One of the more important design elements in call centre design is the layout. A quad layout uses cubicles that have four separate workstations in one. A quad layout facilitates an open office feel while maintaining the privacy and noise control of a cubicle.

Cubicles lined up in a row are the traditional and most common arrangement for call centres.A row layout prioritizes function over the atmosphere, which may not facilitate the best work environment for every call centre. A zigzag office layout utilizes specially shaped cubicles.

That layout combines just the right amount of privacy, comfort, and proximity to others. To make a call centre layout, we should keep in mind its work environment, prioritize variety, space, design, floor design, etc.

Good lighting


Good lighting is very necessary for work simulation. Interior lighting must be enough to allow employees to see their work. Natural light is good for your health and keeps your mind fresh.

Whenever natural lighting is not an option, we can make use of LED lights instead of fluorescent ones to better mimic sunlight. We can install individually controllable lights in the workplace so that employees can alter them to suit them.

Furniture design


Furniture is one of the important components of a workplace. Call centre furniture chosen by Interior Concept BD is not only durable, functional, and looks great.

When selecting call centre furniture we should know about the things like the right desk that will match the call centre. We should use the right colour furniture for the best office layout. When we design a call centre we should consider employees ' comfort and their needs.

Meeting Area

Meeting Area

This is a place where employees can meet and discuss whatever they need. Meetings are efficient to discuss issues and solve problems.

Meeting rooms are generally large and offer plenty of space for meetings. Meeting rooms should include WI-FI, which allows the connection of other devices and equipment for meetings.

A dedicated connection will be secure and safe for emails and other confidential communications, sharing sensitive documents, and more. When employees work in a modern setting, the meeting will be conducted professionally.

Coffee Corner

Everyone loves coffee. When employees feel tired, a cup of coffee helps relieve work fatigue. A coffee corner at the heart of the office, allowing employees to make the most of their break with a quick cup of joe.

We can include pitchers, sugars and sweeteners, brewers, milk and creamers, stirrers, spoons, mugs, and more to set up a coffee corner. We can also use hook shelves, corner cabinets, and coffee machine carts for coffee stations.

A stylish, clean, and organized coffee shop can be a reflection of the overall workspace. A good cup of coffee to boost productivity and creative thinking.

Coffee Corner
Beautiful Corner

Beautiful Corner

Most of the employees wanted a beautiful corner of their office. We can use a large glass window to get a better view outside.

It gives them a great view and helps calm their mind. It also makes a great impression on the whole office.


Plants play a significant role in office interior design. When you design your office with plants it provides a beautiful impression to clients and customers.

But there is a cleaning issue when you design your office with plants. The falling leaves must be cleaned every day or else those leaves will turn into garbage.

Impact of Call Centre Interior Design

Impact of Call Centre Interior Design

Office interior design plays a significant role in the mindset of employees. For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is crucial to create a functional, visually appealing, comfortable and inviting space, all of which promote productivity and efficiency. A well-designed office can increase employee productivity, client impression, and overall attitude.

Why Customer Go with Us

Interior Concepts & Design Limited believe in and practice creativity and innovativeness through their field activities because our designers have the expertise to do so. From using the right colour of walls to the right furniture for office space, we try to give back our creative ideas as much as possible along with the client’s suggestion.
We implement our utmost care about your office culture and that is the best representation of your company. Before starting the project, We research thoroughly about your company and undertake to reflect a positive image through our creative corporate office interior designs.
Using 3D printing, point clouds, virtual reality and augmented reality we build the structure with quality appliances & best fit-outs to make your project long-lasting.
We know the importance of your space and how to utilize your space in the best possible way to get the finest touch in your office. From project inspection to concept development to the implementation of the project and then the client feedback, we’ll deal with everything & provide you sustainable & timeless solutions.
When we think of interior design and decoration whether it is office space or home space interior, budget plays a vital role to decide because of its expensive cost. And consequently, we provide our service at an affordable cost while maintaining the best quality because we never compromise with it.
Our customer service team is very attentive and well-focused and we're always glad to clarify details about our interior activities. We feel happy when you inform us and get access to the awesome & fast service of our professionals.

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