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Wallpapers express your personality and style. Instead of having a boring old white wall you add some flavor to it which will brighten the room in a miraculous way.

  • Wallpaper Unique
  • Wallpaper Inspire
  • Wallpaper Innovative
Services of Interior Concept

Office Workstation

Imagine sitting in an office cubicle which is lifeless, A seat that keeps squeaking whenever you move. It kills the joy out of working, but our office workstations are designed to be employee friendly and maximize productivity of the workplace.

  • Office Workstation Deluxe
  • Office Workstation Super
Services of Interior Concept

Office Table

Tables are an important part of office interior. It has to be in terms of ‘Handy’ and also look good and professional which can put a good first impression about the office from visitors.

  • Presidential table
  • Executive Table
  • Conference Table/Meeting Table 
Services of Interior Concept

Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to the satisfaction of a meal it is not only a matter of the quality of the food but also the mood of the chef and the people who are having the meal. For that the kitchen and the dining shall be designed in a way which can make everyone comfortable and fresh. The cabinets are designed to make your cooking easy. A good lighting will brighten up the place and our kitchen cabinets are designed to obtain your satisfaction

  • Kitchen Cabinet Luxury
  • Kitchen Cabinet Glamour
Services of Interior Concept

Window Curtain

Every room has windows so in fact every room needs a curtain. Our curtains designed to brighten up the room. The blinds are stylish and timeless designed so that you’ll feel free.

  • Conbi Blinds
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Verticals Blinds
Services of Interior Concept

Office Chair

Every office need chairs. Chairs which is not comfortable can bring down the pace of productivity because people can’t work properly. Our chairs are comfortable so that the people will not feel a hassle while working.

Services of Interior Concept

Office Furniture

A good office required a good furniture. It needs to be full with good quality and must carry a professional look so that the office will look up to standards. Our furniture are the solution for that.

Services of Interior Concept

False Ceiling

False ceiling can fill up the room with elegance and timeless motion. If you are looking for this then We can provide all kinds of false ceiling, PVC ceiling, gypsum ceiling, drop ceiling, metal ceiling, mineral ceiling, that will meet the standards of your imagination.

Services of Interior Concept

Glass Wall

Glass walls can lift you up to a new dimension. We provide cost efficient, high quality all kinds of Design Glass, Window Sliding, Tempered Glass Doors etc. which can provide your room with unique looks that will fulfill your desire.

Services of Interior Concept

Toilet Partition

Our toilet partition systems are spacious, smart and efficient which is a requirement for every restroom.  

Services of Interior Concept


If you are looking for high quality flooring solutions then our products are top in class. We provide flooring such as tiles, PVC floors, wooden floors and carpets and our flooring collection will fulfill your desire for design and style.  

Services of Interior Concept

Home Furniture

Every home is an example of your choice of living and we are here to help you fill your home with exquisite furniture. We have sets of gorgeous furniture that will make your home fashionably unique and will fulfill your desire.

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