Alco Pharma Ltd

Alco Pharma Alco Pharma Ltd. started its marketing operations as an importer and distributor for the products of MERCK SHARP & DHOME (MSD) USA in the year 1978 and continued up to 1986.

The business success led MSD to initiate project on a joint venture with ALCO and set up its manufacturing facility at Mirpur, Dhaka in 1986. In 1987 MSD decided to stop their operation in Bangladesh due to change in Drug Policy and sold their assets and interests to ALCO Pharma. Construction of a state of the art pharmaceutical facility, a three-storied building with a foundation of seven stories and 8 thousand sqft per floor, marked the beginning of ALCO as a drug manufacturer in Bangladesh.

In the year 1991 Alco Pharma Ltd. received the Manufacturing License to start production of Biological & Non-Biological preparations in its own factory with strict adherence to cGMP as required by WHO. Now Alco Pharma is researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of formulations from antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, antidiabetic, antiasthmatics, antibacterial, injectable to host of other disease curing and life is enhancing products.

Alco Pharma is a proactive company and has always laid emphasis on innovation and quality.

To fulfill our corporate mission we have steadily expanded our infrastructure and facilities complying with cGMP standards, linked together by strong Information Technology backbone.


We believe assurance of product quality is a core asset and a fundamental requirement for our business. We work to achieve high quality in all aspect of our business. Being an ISO and GMP certified organization our systems and procedures are designed to meet rigorous audit and compliance tests. We will produce market and provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality.


We strive and practice the highest ethical standards at all levels of work. Our people have the responsibilities to conduct their business relationships, both internal and external, with utmost professionalism and integrity. We believe strict adherence to ethics is paramount as we are dedicated to improve the health and well being of people.


Our people are our most valued asset. We empower our people and are committed to create an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration, open communication, mutual respect and investment in each other’s success. We encourage and recognize both team and individual achievements and leadership. We believe only through people and teamwork we can win in today’s competitive market place.


We are committed to an atmosphere of creative discovery and dedicated to creating value for patients by providing innovative, safe and effective disease curing and life-enhancing products. We follow and practice the latest scientific standards and technology. We expect these standards to be evident in every stage of product development and manufacturing.

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